About the Author


author1Isidore (Izzy) Doroski was born and raised in New York, on eastern Long Island. After receiving his bachelor’s of science in biology at State University of New York at Cortland, Izzy attained certification as a wastewater treatment operator. His early employment included a job as a research scientist in neurophysiology and working for a municipality in the field of wastewater treatment. For most of his career, Izzy worked at an environmental regulatory agency as a senior environmental health scientist, protecting public health through environmental regulation enforcement.

Throughout his thirty-four-year career, Izzy’s profession took him to many fascinating locations, including several nuclear reactors, energy storage and production facilities and chemical manufacturing plants. He also participated in emergency response situations. Some of the inspiration for this book comes from the full year Izzy spent stationed at a well-known national laboratory, monitoring a radiation leak from their onsite nuclear facility.

author2Izzy Doroski has always had a deep passion for science and continues to study the hidden mysteries of this unique universe. He has lectured at town halls, schools, and colleges on the subject of energy and alternate energy. In his spare time, Izzy loves to hike, bike, and play guitar and synthesizer. One of his favorite pastimes is hiking in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Izzy’s passion for science, as well as the beauty of eastern Long Island and the Catskills, were inspirational in the writing of this book.

Izzy with book in hand


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