New sci-fi novel The Inverted Mask by local author takes readers on a journey from familiar places in Riverhead to worlds beyond

Watch my latest TV interview on my science fiction thriller novel The Inverted Mask


I would like to thank the dozens of people who came to my many book author talks at the libraries on Long Island & Upstate in the Catskill Mountains over the past year.  Thank You!  My wife Jeanne & I had a wonderful time giving the presentations and I loved talking about the story and answering any questions that you had.  I was surprised at the interest in the book and story – Thank you all again.

I still have a few TV and radio interviews scheduled in the near future where I discuss my sci-fi story and tell all about the science & drama that takes place in the book.  I will post the links to those future interviews.  All the past news stories & interviews are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the links.  

Izzy Doroski

Izzy IMB - Pine Hill Pic 1

Picture of Izzy @ a book signing at the Pine Hill Library upstate NY 7/15

Izzy2 (2)

New sci-fi novel by local author takes readers on a journey from familiar places in Riverhead to worlds beyond

The Inverted Mask – The Music to the Sci-fi Story

WUSB radio interview on Izzy’s  new book – The Inverted Mask – 12/5/14 –

Radio Interview on Operation Freedom about how my visits to Brookhaven Nat. Lab inspired me to write my book –

Radio interview on Lyme Ninja Radio where I discuss my new book & what influenced me to write it – 2/4/15 –

Author Izzy Doroski discusses his new book The Inverted Mask, on a TV interview (forward to min 15 for his book discussion) –

Check out my new music album – The Inverted Mask – The music to the sci-fi story!

The Inverted Mask book trailer (movie show) –

Check on links to view TV interviews by Izzy  Doroski  on Energy in 2013

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